The FFL Dealer Locator Tool was created for one reason – to help you get your hands on your new firearm(s) faster! There can be a lot of hurdles in the journey of purchasing a firearm online and now finding an FFL dealer doesn’t have to be one of them! Now you can quickly and easily locate a FFL dealer in 2 easy steps! You even have the option to browse FFL dealers by zip code and state!

Truthfully, the hysteria around guns and dangers of them have gotten out of control.  This is America and there is nothing more American than shooting guns and arming yourself to protect your loved ones. It is our hope that we can make getting a gun for the average citizen as easy as possible. We hope that by providing an easier way to locate an FFL dealer, we can help average citizens exercise their 2nd Amendment right and make purchasing a gun online easier.

For FFL dealers, we allow you to confirm your listing(s) within our FFL database. If you do not want your FFL information within our FFL database, you also have the option of having the listing(s) removed as well. If you do choose to confirm your listing(s), yours will automatically become a  “Confirmed Dealer” when a user searches for an FFL dealer close to your verified address.